Is it holiday yet?

2020 has been a demanding year. The anxiety of a pandemic, the financial strain caused by lockdown and the emotional uncertainty of not seeing friends and family have left us all in serious need of a holiday. And it’s only November! This month we’re focusing on self-care and fatigue management to help you ease through the last bit of the year. Renardo reminds us to practice self-care in small daily doses, Zena teaches us about the importance of hydration and blood sugar levels. Jacobie focuses on protecting our teeth from our daily stresses. Read about patients’ experience visiting Vermilion Dental and Health in our Patient Testimonials. On social media we have an exciting new feature called ‘On the Red Couch’, where we answer some of your practical nutritional, dental and psychological questions. Go and check it out! And send us any questions you may have. We love hearing from you! We trust that these tips will help and inspire you through the last few weeks of the year. Until next month, The VH Team

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