Dr. Jacobie Claasen – Straighten teeth without braces? It’s possible!

Are you feeling satisfied with the appearance of your smile? Are there small things that you would like to change? Did you have braces when you were younger but your teeth have moved again?

We all aspire to have beautiful, straight pearly whites. And luckily with the advancements in dentistry we are now one step closer to attaining these goals.

KRSTL Clear Aligners is a system designed to straighten teeth without conventional braces. A set of consecutive see-through aligners are worn that move teeth over a period of time. They are barely noticeable which make them a great option for adult patients and they are removable making them easier to clean than conventional braces.

For each KRSTL patient a digital treatment set-up needs to be done. This is a simulation of the planned treatment to evaluate how many aligners are needed, the duration of the treatment, as well as the exact costs for the treatment.

This month we will be giving away three free KRSTL treatment-set ups. Keep an eye on our social media to win!

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