Renardo Treurnich – Chasing the sun

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Firstly, I deem it important to get the obvious out of the way when reflecting on the year that was 2020. The Springboks (South Africa’s national rugby team) have now been unbeaten for more than a year in their third reign as world champions. Which is truly a magnificent achievement and worth celebrating! As an additional pleasure, we were also able to watch a marvellous documentary (Chasing the Sun) about the behind the scenes intrigues regarding the teams’ march to victory. And as for sporting achievements, the buck stops there, unfortunately.

In somewhat ironic fashion the year in which the number twenty gets repeated; was greatly influenced by the number preceding it – 19! Covid-19 to be exact. Leaving all of us convinced that the number nineteen has issues with letting go and moving on. It has greatly impacted the year that was and maybe more significantly, it has and will impact the way we live life in future.

If the only constant in life is change, then this year has been particularly constant regarding change. Frequent shake-ups and lock-downs, levelling up and down, masks on and off, with a whole lot of hand washing and freakish panic in between. We were exposed to different methods and technologies for work, uncomfortable nose probing and questioning any symptom to the extent of neglecting the common cold and flu.

Reflection is key part of the therapeutic process. Reflection is a skill to be honed and developed, to dissect with surgical precision the most nuanced of living experiences. Perhaps reflecting on the year 2020 can be likened to chasing the sun?

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