Renardo Treurnich – Deconstructed Apple Pie!

As life would have it, September is a month of renewal for me. And it has been like this for quite some time now (one could probably say my entire life). I have to renew a variety of things from my car license and golf membership to more serious matters such as online marketing for my practice.

With September comes the season of Spring, which is possibly the most iconic version of renewal known the world over. Yet, we at times view this renewal as something that is more like being reborn or born again. A fresh start. Something new.

Spring cleaning also springs to mind. Getting rid of the clutter and the mess so that one can breathe a little bit easier and see clearer. But this isn’t really new, is it?

It is similar to a restaurant serving a deconstructed apple tart. It is all the flavours I know and love.

Cinnamon, apple, some form of pastry and if you really want to indulge a dollop of cream or ice cream. It is familiar and comforting. It is just put together differently, with the elements each represented separately on the plate. A renewal of what is known. Maybe a twist of technique or different texture, yet one bite with all of it together just makes sense. And this is exactly what the process of therapy is like.

In the past I did group therapy at a private psychiatric hospital were this theme often arose. The goal of admission or the aim of it was to “be like my old self” or “change the way I am now”. It wasn’t this complex, philosophical, other-worldly experience but rather just a simple matter of being. Being myself. Being the version of myself that is familiar but somehow different at the same time. A renewal. Making use of what I have, what is familiar and putting it together differently. Therapy doesn’t have to involve some deep-rooted psychopathology but rather it could simply deal with the process of being. Being human.

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