Renardo Treurnich - Moments of Self-care

Pondering on the writing of this months’ self-care and fatigue management newsletter, following my two weekends away, feels somewhat strange. Strange in the sense that it isn’t often the case

(at least in my experience) that people practice what they preach.  Preach, or in this case, write about.   Taking time out for myself to enjoy something away from the environment I am challenged with on a daily basis, or at times even just the excitement and knowledge of it taking place in the near future, has a rejuvenating and invigorating effect.  I am sure that most of us have enjoyed similar experiences regarding a weekend away, a visit to a foreign country (pre-Covid19), a night out to a good restaurant or just a “braai” with some friends.  It is probably what makes weekends so enticing to most of us, this escape from the everyday routine. But shouldn’t this escape be part of our everyday routine?   And with this I am not referring to a daily “braai” or visit to a good restaurant, however enjoyable that might be.  I am referring to the process and application of self-care on a daily basis.  What if fatigue management is not taking one big break once in a while, but rather an accumulation of small breaks over an extended period of time?  The daily, moment to moment, application of boundaries that you create for yourself, that will then allow you to take care of yourself.  In the process of taking care of yourself first, you are revitalised and connected, you can participate more fully, mindfully and deliberately in the challenges of your daily existence.   These moments of self-care may be attending a weekly session of psychotherapy, an early morning yoga class, cooking after work with a glass of wine, spending time in the garden or playing your favourite sport. The possibilities are endless. Even if your time is restricted, the benefits are limitless. Remember one cannot pour from an empty cup.  

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