At Vermilion Dental and Health we would like to look further than merely the
toothache that you’re experiencing. Oral and dental health plays an integral part in overall wellbeing. Never underestimate how important your mouth and teeth are!

1.Preventative maintenance of dental and oral health

- Mouth and dental examinations with full mouth x-rays

- Screening for dental decay

- Oral cancer and pathology screenings

- Scaling and polishing of dentition (a good and proper cleaning of the teeth)

Topical fluoride treatments on teeth to prevent dental decay

- Introductory visits for children into the dental environment

- Routine examinations in children to monitor natural tooth and jaw                              development

- Placement of fissure sealants in the newly erupted permanent teeth to prevent        decay

2. Restoration of function

- Composite resin fillings to restore function of decayed and broken-down teeth
- Porcelain restorations to replace decayed or missing parts of teeth
- Removable prostheses (dentures) to replace multiple missing teeth
- Implant supported bridges or crowns to replace missing teeth

3. Restoration of smile design and facial aesthetics

- Porcelain crowns to change the look of a smile
- Composite resin or porcelain veneers
- Laser teeth whitening (to make them white and bright!)

4. Treatment of pain

- Root canal treatments to relieve pain and to retain teeth
- Treatment and management of hypersensitivity
- Bite plate manufacturing to treat muscle and facial pain due to teeth grinding                    and/or clenching at night-time
- Balancing of the occlusion (the way the teeth align when you bite)

5. Laser based pain management and bio stimulation

- Laser disinfection during root canal treatments
- Laser gum surgery and shaping
- Laser biostimulation to treat aphthous ulcers (sores in the mouth)
- Laser biostimulation to improve wound healing (also after operative procedures)

6. Gum disease screening and treatment

- Screening for periodontal pockets (which may lead to tooth loss)
- Deep cleaning to lessen bacterial load in periodontitis

7. Pre-surgical dental screening and prophylaxis
- Dental and oral screenings to rule out underlying infections before joint

  (e.g. knee or hip replacement etc) or cardiac surgery (e.g. heart valve                              replacement) surgery